Custom Software

Netsco will work with your company to develop customized software solutions that fit your unique business operations. We will meet with you to learn the intricacies of your business so that we can determine which features and metrics will best serve your needs.  Using this customer-oriented approach, we are able to customize each software solution to our individual clients’ needs instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution.  Whether it is a database to track important data and determine the metrics that you can use to help increase your productivity and vessel efficiency; or a loading program to calculate the stability or longitudinal strength of your vessel so that you can be assured of safe vessel operation and prolong the life of your vessel by maximizing cargo while minimizing wear and tear; or a three-dimensional model used to track steel deterioration and replacement, Netsco can bring you the software solution that your company needs.

Vessel Cargo Loading Program:

Netsco partners with software supplier Creative Systems (designers of GHS software) to build a highly customizable loading program that can be tailored to any type or size of vessel.  It enables the crew to load your vessel quickly and safely while preserving stability and longitudinal strength. With this software, your crew can monitor any type of cargo or multiple types of cargo simultaneously.  And if the unforeseen does occur and your vessel runs aground, we give you the tools to respond rapidly and effectively so that you can preserve the safety of your crew, the integrity of your vessel, and mitigate any schedule losses.

Vessel/Fleet Tracking Program:

Netsco has developed data management software that can be used to enhance vessel efficiency and generate detailed information to aid your company's decision-making process.  Netsco's software provides the crew with an onboard, user-friendly interface to input data; and enables management to track and evaluate transit times, loading/unloading times, delays, fuel consumption, or any of a variety of metrics that may be important to your business.  This software can be tailored for a single vessel or for an entire fleet and can be customized for any business model.

Vessel 3-D Model: 

Netsco uses sophisticated computerized modeling software to build a fully interactive three-dimensional model of your vessel that can be used to develop conceptual designs or to aid in the facilitation of shipyard repairs or modifications. For example, it can be used to track hull deterioration, track steel replacement (including Jones Act versus foreign-replaced steel), or to calculate surface areas for tank or hull coatings.