Vessel Services

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Our talented technical staff brings a combined total of more than two centuries of marine experience to your project. This seasoned team has been there through all phases of vessel modification and we’ve handled all phases of new construction – from the initial design to loading manuals. There are no facets of vessel engineering that we haven’t done – in whole or in part.

  • Contract Plans & Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Naval Architecture
  • Capacity Plans
  • Computer Loading Programs
  • Inclining
  • Loading Manuals
  • Stability Analysis


From preliminary designs to detailed working drawings, Netsco’s staff of skilled maritime engineers can provide you with the level of drawings best suited to your situation. Netsco has the flexibility to tailor our designs directly for the ship owner, or for contractors or shipyards who lack engineering capabilities.

In addition, our experienced team can provide cost estimates at every step of the process. We can even obtain the approvals from the appropriate regulatory bodies when needed.


Modifying a vessel requires a team of architects and engineers. Whether it’s bow and stern thrusters, or engine room automation, or any level of retrofit, you need people with marine experience who appreciate and understand your needs and requirements.

Netsco’s technical staff knows precisely what is too much, what is not enough and what is necessary for an effective, efficient and economical modification.


From ship to barge, from tanker to bulk carrier, or from ocean tug to articulated tug, to successfully convert a vessel your team must have a thorough understanding of how the vessel was being used in addition to its new requirements. Netsco can assign such a team to your project – each member a seasoned marine veteran. From design to execution, Netsco’s technical staff can prepare the plans, develop the specifications and ensure that the work is done accordingly.


Netsco’s technical team has the experience to address the entire repowering process. We have the know-how to deliver complete main propulsion engineering and design including the main engine, gearbox, shafting, propeller and other associated systems.

Before the actual engineering process, our staff will research each customer’s needs and help them select the right system from several different manufacturers which we have researched. Working closely with the customer, a new system is selected based on cost, maintenance requirements and engine capabilities. Once the best main engine and propulsion system has been agreed upon, only then does the engineering begin.