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CEO Spotlight on NETSCo’s Richard Mueller

Marine Log interview of Richard Mueller discusses NETSCo’s work with hybrid technologies, applications for LNG fuel and other environmental compliance projects in ballast water management and scrubber retrofits.

Richard Mueller in NETSCo office“NETSCo has always strived to be on the forefront of the technologies that we believe to have a real place in the market and hybrid technology has a variety of applications revolving around vessel emissions and requirements for peak shaving as well as energy efficiency,” begins Richard Mueller in the interview session.

Richard further explains that there decision to install a scrubber or switch to compliant fuel is an economic decision in addition to the environmental compliance. There are many factors that come into the decision, such as an analysis of the life cycle operating and capital costs of a scrubber compared to transferring to a compliant fuel. The age of the vessel , trade routes and other assets will come under review during a feasibility study.

Additionally, many of the NETSCo clients are looking for help with ballast water management system extensions and regulatory guidance, treatment technology evaluations, integration engineering as well as project management and training.

To read the entire interview go to spotlight-on-netscos-richard-mueller.

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