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NETSCo’s Cutting Edge Feeder Barge Redefines Offshore Wind Turbine Installations

Offshore wind feeder barges are revolutionizing the renewable energy sector by enhancing the efficiency and precision of wind turbine installations. Critical to this advancement are Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs), specialized ships equipped with dynamic positioning and jacking systems that ensure stable and accurate offshore platforms. However, the US East Coast faces challenges due to the Jones Act, which requires vessels to be U.S.-built, owned, and crewed. To address these constraints, NETSCo has designed an innovative feeder vessel. This state-of-the-art barge features dynamic positioning, is powered by both battery and fuel, and uses motion mitigation technology to improve operational efficiency and safety during transfers to WTIVs. This design not only provides a viable alternative to existing models but also complies with Jones Act regulations.

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Kathie Clark

Director of Marketing & Communications

Photograph of the cover of NETSCo brochure