Facility Services

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With our shoreside and material handling expertise, Netsco can make certain that your entire operation is more efficient and cost effective. Our technical staff has the marine and dockside experience to ensure that the interface between your shipboard and shoreside material handling keeps you moving product and keeps your fleet moving as well.

  • Ship-to-Shore Material Handling
  • Shore-to-Ship (Shiploaders)
  • Material Handling Shoreside Material Handling
  • Dock Design, Modification & Rehabilitation
  • Mooring Arrangement Studies and Plans

Marine Terminal

From dock design to mooring arrangement plans, Netsco employs all of its marine experience into creating solutions perfectly suited for any operation. By incorporating into our plans the types of vessels that will be using the facility and the types of cargo as well as how the cargo is dispersed from the dock, we can develop structural designs and engineering, fendering systems and mooring arrangements that are based on the existing infrastructure, operations and environmental conditions.

Material Handling

Netsco’s extraordinary combination of shipboard and dockside experience qualifies our talented technical staff in tackling material handling projects aboard ship, shoreside and the interface between them both. Bulk material handling designs are our specialty including self-unloading vessels that convey cement, iron ore, stone, grain, etc.