3D Scans

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NETSCo’s engineers take functional design to the next level by incorporating ship design information into a full-size 3D model of the vessel. Our team combines all the details of the structural, electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems into one comprehensive model. The result is a computer-generated vessel that can be reviewed early in the design process for safety, maintainability and constructability. Additionally, by previewing the vessel in 3D, project stakeholders have the unique opportunity to confirm the vessel’s layout as well as any maintenance and operational access for the installation crew. This document are be used for retrofits for new equipment placement and can provide documentation for Class review of the engineering specifications.

NETSCo uses sophisticated computerized modeling software to build a fully interactive 3D model of a vessel that can be used to develop conceptual designs or to aid in the facilitation of shipyard repairs or modifications. For example, this modelling can be used to track hull deterioration, track steel replacement (including Jones Act versus foreign-replaced steel), or to calculate surface areas for tank or hull coatings.

Using a 3D scan, NETSCo can quickly and accurately document the condition of the vessel. By taking multiple scans from different locations the combined data can be a useful reference for future projects on the vessel.