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3D Scans

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3D Scans

NETSCo’s engineers take functional design to the next level by incorporating ship design information into a full-size 3D model of the vessel. Our team merges structural, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC details into a comprehensive computer-generated vessel providing an in-depth look early in the design process for safety, maintainability, and constructability. Through interactive 3D modelling, project stakeholders confirm layouts for new equipment placement and operational access for the installation crews. Additionally, this model serves as valuable documentation for Class review of the engineering specifications.

NETSCo uses cutting-edge computerized modelling software to provide ship repairs or aid in the facilitation of shipyard modifications. For example, this technology can track hull deterioration, steel replacement, and calculate surface areas for tank or hull coatings.

Using a 3D scan, NETSCo can quickly and accurately document the condition of the vessel taken from various locations, providing an essential reference point for future projects.