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With 40 years of experience, NETSCo offers a range of naval architecture and marine engineering services in support of vessel design, construction, conversion, modification, operation support and analysis, and maintenance. This includes detailed structural and mechanical system design, cargo securing and, cargo loading/unloading analysis, as well as regulatory evaluation in support of class and flag/port state requirements.

We understand complex regulatory requirements that are required for conversion or modification projects while adding life extensions to the vessel within client specifications. NETSCo’s one-stop services go beyond the typical projects for ships and barges to include naval architecture and marine engineering assistance for marine terminals and facilities.

NETSCo maintains a strong focus on customized solutions for tankers, cruise ships, gas and bulk carriers, ATB vessels and most other kinds of vessels. Technical support and project management is provided throughout the design, construction and all the life cycle phases of both new and refurbished vessels.

Our services include: