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Offshore Wind Turbine Support Vessels

NETSCo has been providing engineering services to the offshore energy market for more than 36 years.

WTIV jacked up into position next to pile

With America’s new commitment to invest heavily in support of building offshore wind platforms from coast to coast, specialized Jones Act-compliant Wind Turbine Installation Vessel’s (WTIV) are needed for this construction.

NETSCo’s team of professionals are developing a of a cost-effective, innovative WTIV, with primary focus of supporting planned turbine installations in the North East Coast of the United States (U.S.).

NETSCo has also developed concepts to convert existing vessel’s that have been in lay-up during this economic downturn in the offshore market which allows shipowners an unconventional, but cost-effective solution to better support the offshore wind turbine market with a Jones Act-qualified vessel alternative.

Some of the concepts the NETSCo is working on includes:

  • Converting OSV into SOV.
  • Converting existing Ocean Deck Barges into Feeder / Shuttle vessel.


NETSCo services include:

  • Vessel Feasibility Study
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Shipyard Contracts Negotiation
  • Project Management