Conversion, Modification, Retrofit & Newbuild

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Conversion, Modification, Retrofit & Newbuild

NETSCo has forty years of experience working on ship modifications, conversions, retrofits and upgrades that comply with new regulations or extend the efficiency of existing vessels. Drawing on NETSCo’s experienced naval architecture and marine engineers, we can deliver the utmost value that will last for the lifespan of the vessel while working within the guidelines directed by our customers.

Modification Maritime Engineering Services

NETSCo’s seasoned engineers can modify vessel capacity and improve the function of the vessel for better operation. Whether it’s bow and stern thrusters, engine replacement or repowering, space modifications, scrubber or ballast water treatment retrofits, HVAC or mechanical system upgrades, or electronic and computer system installations, shipowners need people with marine engineering experience who understand the distinctive requirements of the maritime industry. Extensive knowledge in meeting regulatory and class compliance requirements are also required. NETSCo’s technical staff knows precisely what is necessary for an effective, efficient and economical modification.

Conversion Maritime Engineering Services

From ship to barge, from tanker to bulk carrier, or from ocean tug to articulated tug, NETSCo will assign a team to lead your project that has a thorough understanding of how the vessel was being used, in addition to its operating new requirements. Our expert staff can prepare the plans, develop the specifications and ensure that the work is done according to your expectations, as well as ensure environmental and/or regulatory compliance requirements. We have the know-how to deliver complete main propulsion engineering and designs, including the main engine, gearbox, shafting, propeller and other associated systems. Before any actual engineering modeling begins, our staff will review the shipowner’s expectations, prepare a feasibility analysis, and help the owner select the equipment that appropriate for the vessel. The best-case solution is based on cost, space, maintenance requirements and engine capabilities for the life of the ship.

Cement Products

Since 1984, NETSCo has been involved in the design, construction and modification of marine assets specializing in the handling of cement products. In today’s market with domestic cement production pressed to absolute capacity, cement is becoming a more common commodity to see shipped along the Western River system and imported along the East, West and Gulf Coasts. NETSCo can help clients to find solutions to ship cement efficiently and cost effectively. This can include optimizing domestic supply chains or adding additional supply through the construction and optimization of cement import facilities. NETSCo has helped customers address both types of improvements over the last four decades.

Most recently, NETSCo has helped a cement client bolster their domestic supply chain with the addition of a barge mounted ship unloader. The project required adding a 123’ vacuum arm and screw pump onboard an existing cement cargo barge, allowing the modified unit to unload bulk cargo vessels in a more cost-effective manner. The addition of the ship unloader has drastically reduced the time required to import cement, while also increasing storage capacity at the client’s facility.

Upgrade or Repowering Maritime Engineering Services

Every upgrade that passes through NETSCo involves basic and applied research, design, development and evaluation as well as analysis of every stage in the life of a vessel. Our naval architecture group can provide safety reviews, assessments of risk or damage control, and the attain document approval and certification of the ship’s design to meet any regulatory requirements.

NETSCo’s technical team has the experience to address engine replacement or repower and our engineers have the know-how to deliver complete main propulsion engineering and designs that include the main engine, gearbox, shafting, propeller and other associated systems. Our team of experienced marine engineers offer services at every phase of the design stage of a modification, conversion or upgrade project, including:

  • Contract Plans & Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Capacity Plans
  • Computer Loading Programs
  • Inclining
  • Loading Manuals and Weight Engineering
  • Stability Analysis
  • Naval Architecture
  • Class or Flag Regulatory Documentation and Approvals