Consulting & Advisory Services

Our technical team has the necessary maritime engineering and architecture experience to fully analyze each and every situation  to offer solutions for the best possible outcome for our clients. We will analyze vessels or fleets as well as facilities to develop a comprehensive plan for your endeavor. With our project management experience, we can recommend when and how to best complete the necessary work with minimal impact and maximum economic return.

Vessel Operations Support

NETSCo’s marine operations engineers are skilled in analytical thinking along with hands-on experience to apply these skills to support design applications and to solve existing and emerging problems.Our team will identify and solve technical problems to support the design of a system, component, or process appropriate to marine engineering operations. We can conduct safety audits or provide hull, mechanical and electrical inspections along with structural assessments for an aging vessel. In addition, NETSCo can conduct surveys of ships, barges and dry docks for pre-acquisition or accident investigations and marine forensic engineering services for insurance claims.

Technical and Operations Manuals and Plans for Ships

NETSCo has written many application and installation guides, plus, operations and technical specifications, plans, and manuals for vessel operators. These include fire control and spill response plans, capacity plans, computer loading programs, project application and installation guides, ballast water management plans, cargo securing manuals, trim and stability guidebook as well as safety and training manuals for crew. These guidebooks are prepared by mariners, for mariners, because at NETSCo we speak your language.

NETSCo offers additional consulting services in:

  • Valuation Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Vessel Traffic Studies
  • Life Extension Studies
  • Fleet Optimization Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Stability Calculations
  • Structural Analyses of Cargoes, including Detailed FE Modeling
  • Cargo Integrity Studies
  • Structural Analyses of Ships and Barges
  • Independent Review of 3rd-party Marine Engineering or Policy Procedures
  • Load-out and Relocation Projects
  • Regulatory Assessment and Liaison
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Load and Off-load Calculations and Ballast Plans
  • And more…