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Creating Solutions For Complex Maritime Challenges

NETSCo’s Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture services prioritize meeting the unique needs of our customers. From vessel design and construction to modification and maintenance, we have the expertise to increase the safety, efficiency and longevity of your fleet. Plus, we ensure that your vessels meet all regulatory requirement for seamless operation at sea. Trust NETSCo for exceptional services that will exceed your expectations!


As experienced vessel and marine terminal experts, NETSCo specializes in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of tankers, cruise ships, gas and bulk carriers, ATB vessels, marine facilities and other one-of-a-kind projects. Our extensive knowledge allows us to develop innovative modifications that address new roles, equipment upgrades, conversions or retrofits.


Shipowners look to NETSCo to provide them with resourceful and expert engineering services that are unique to the tanker industry.

Cruise Ships

Whether it’s a ballast water management system retrofit or waste water compliance, NETSCo delivers a complete range of services to passenger vessels.

ATB & Tugs

NETSCo has extensive experience with a diverse fleet encompassing tugs, towboats, and Articulated Tug/Barges (ATBs).

Gas Carriers

With new emission reduction requirements, conversion to LNG is one of several potential cost-competitive options.

Bulk Carriers

NETSCo specializes in comprehensive ship designs that cover a variety of ship types ─ bulk carriers, chemical tankers, bulk cargo self-unloaders, combination and deck barges, product and chemical vessels and cement carriers.

Marine Terminals

From dock design to mooring arrangements to material handling, NETSCo combines all of its marine experience and technical expertise to create custom solutions for your business.

Unique Projects

NETSCo is enthusiastic about leveraging our extensive experience in maritime engineering for exciting and diverse projects.

Wind Turbine Offshore Vessels

NETSCo leads the way in environmental endeavors, unlocking fresh perspectives in the realm of maritime engineering, specifically within the offshore wind sector.

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