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Richard Mueller authored “The Cornerstone of Global Trade” in Great Lakes Seaway Review

Read Richard Mueller’s article in the Great Lakes Seaway Review magazineThe Cornerstone of Global Trade: Maximizing the energy efficiency of a shipping fleet.

Shipping is a vital component of global trade, but it also creates environmental issues. The industry accounts for 2-3% of global emissions, making it crucial to implement sustainable operations. The International Maritime Organization has implemented regulations to control energy usage on vessels, and ship owners must understand these guidelines to ensure compliance in terms of cost, compliance, and performance levels. Energy Efficient Ship Index, The Carbon Intensity Index rating, and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan are all practical technology solutions that can help reduce a vessel’s carbon footprint. To stay ahead of the game and meet emission standards, it’s essential to remain up to date with the latest industry regulations and seek support from knowledgeable marine engineering companies.

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