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Advanced Engineering Analysis & Survey

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Advanced Engineering Analysis & Survey

The expertise of the NETSCo engineering team covers a whole range of design activities starting with the basic concept design for the vessel based on regulatory and client requirements. This extends to detailed design, regulatory documentation consultancy, safety and efficiency, as well as the practical operation of the vessel and any training necessary for the crew.

When the life of a ship is measured in decades, success is defined by the vessels usefulness and profitability until it is withdrawn from service. NETSCo can assist with a wide range of projects within that timeframe.

Our advanced engineering team is able to provide a complete range of ship-specific analyses for the vessel. These include structure analysis, optimal systems analysis as well as stability and design analysis for any type of ship or offshore structure. We use the most cutting-edge software on the market, recognized by all the major marine Classification Societies.

NETSCo provides our clients with a complete set of integration and detailed engineering drawings developed to represent all major ship design features. Our naval architects will report on the design evaluation and calculations. These calculations are required for vessels that are being modified in any way ─ whether for conversion, rebuilding, modernization or repair. Our experienced team can formulate safety guidelines, damage control regulations and get the approval and certifications necessary to meet any regulatory agency’s requirements.