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Vessel Operations Support / Project Management

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Vessel Operations Support / Project Management

At NETSCo, we have a thorough understanding of the current technologies used in the operation, maintenance, analysis, and management associated with the equipment and systems on board a variety of vessel types or marine facilities. We can act as the team leader on any shipyard project either shipside or shoreside, offering overall coordination to help you determine the scope of the work, control the schedule, procure materials according to the specifics of the project, and assist with the select of vendors. Our aim is to ensure timely delivery within your specified budget.

Vessel Operations Support

As vessel operations support experts, NETSCo’s marine operations engineers possess extensive experience and critical thinking skills that enable them to analyze complex issues and apply practical solutions to support design applications and address existing or emerging problems in marine engineering operations. Our team is adept in identifying and resolving technical problems to facilitate the design of suitable systems, components, or processes for marine vessels. We offer comprehensive services, which include conducting safety audits, performing hull, mechanical, and electrical inspections, and undertaking structural assessments to ensure the efficiency and longevity of aging vessels. Additionally, NETSCo conducts thorough surveys of ships, barges, and dry docks for pre-acquisition or accident investigations and provides marine forensic engineering services for insurance claims. With our team’s expertise and commitment to delivering superior services, we guarantee reliable vessel operation support that meets the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Team is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of project management services and vessel operations support in the industry. We are committed to delivering excellence, and we aim to exceed your expectations, ensuring that it is delivered on time and within budget.

Project Management

With every project management job, we represent your interests, whether you are a shipowner, or equipment manufacturer, and we work hard to understand your needs. Our project management skills and quality control procedures ensure that the design is built as intended, minimizing any disruption in vessel services. We offer on-going support and expertise in all aspects of project management, including cost evaluation, build-plan approval, design specification and contract review, bid solicitation and negotiation, vendor evaluation and selection, purchasing and procurement support, shipyard assessment, and detail plan approval.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. We bring a wealth of knowledge and organizational skills to any maritime venture, and we are committed to delivering superior results. We understand the design and the construction process, and we work hard to ensure that your project meets your unique requirements. We offer compliance approval packages for class and flag societies, testing, sea trials, and delivery.