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Vessel Operations Support

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Vessel Operations Support

At NETSCo we can provide project management services on retrofit solutions and repairs onboard vessels. We have a thorough understanding of the current technologies used in the operation, maintenance, analysis, and management associated with the equipment and systems on board a variety of vessel types or marine facilities. The NETSCo project management group can act as a team leader on any shipyard project either shipside or shoreside. We can provide overall coordination to help you determine the scope of the work, control the schedule, procure materials according to the specifics of the project and assist with the select of vendors, all to ensure on-time delivery within the client’s specified budget.

Due to the complexity associated with operating in a marine environment, a naval architect specialist directs a co-operative effort between all the key stakeholders involved in the project. This group could include, but is not limited to marine engineers, a construction crew, as well as the owners, bringing together the often-conflicting demands of each representative to manage the project using the latest tools and techniques. Our experienced project managers bring a wealth of knowledge and organizational skills to any maritime venture.

We work hard to represent the interests of our client, whether it is shipowner, shipyard or equipment manufacturer. We understand the design and we understand the construction process. Our defined project management skills and high-quality control procedures ensure that the design is built as intended minimizing any disruption in vessel services.

We offer on-going support and expertise in project management that include:

  • Cost Evaluation
  • Build-Plan Approval
  • Design Specification and Contract Review
  • Bid Solicitation and Negotiation
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Purchasing and Procurement Support
  • Shipyard Assessment and Detail Plan Approval
  • Owner or Manufacturer Project Management
  • Compliance Approval Packages for Class and Flag Societies
  • Testing, Sea Trials and Delivery