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The US and Canadian Coast Guard Signed Revised Dixon Entrance Annex

The US Coast Guard announced that the Canadian Coast Guard entered into the Canada-US Dixon Entrance Annex to the Joint Marine Contingency Plan for Pollution Preparedness and Response.

U.S. Coast Guard 17th District Commander Rear Adm. Matthew T. Bell, Jr., and the Canadian Coast Guard Western Region Assistant Commissioner Roger Girouard signed the newly revised Dixon Entrance Annex to the national Canada-United States Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan.

The updated annex includes basic content and format changes in accordance with new national guidelines, clearer pollution notification and response protocols, and refreshed references to U.S. Customs Service procedures for trans-boundary movement of personnel and resources.

Canada and the United States are parties to a long-standing bilateral agreement regarding cooperation in protection of natural resources in Canada-U.S. (CAN-US) trans-boundary areas. Coast Guard 17th District collaborates with Canadian Coast Guard counterparts to maintain and exercise two of the annexes: Annex 4 (Beaufort Sea) and Annex 5 (Dixon Entrance).

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