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Conversion Challenges with Alternative Fuels

Conversion challenges alternative fuels articleWith the possible exception of biodiesel, the other alterative fuels will involve a significant level of engineering to make the switch. New engines, typically dual-fuel capable, will require new foundation arrangements, new fuel-handling systems and many other changes.

The capital cost of these changes, and the engineering and shipyard costs required, are all part of the economic challenge that the shipowner faces as they look to determine if there is any payback and how soon the payback occurs.

Richard Mueller, CEO / President of NETSCo, examines the challenges shipowners face in finding the right balance for emissions-friendly fuels and economic viability of making the switch. Read the first part of a two-part article, “Alternative Fuels: Finding the right fit, the right balance for emission-friendly fuel”, published by Great Lakes Seaway Review magazine.

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