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ABS invites Jan Flores to become a member of the ABS Special Committee on Mobile Offshore Units

NETSCo Vice President Jan FloresNETSCo is proud to announce that the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has invited Jan Flores, V.P. of NETSCo to become a member of their Special Committee on Mobile Offshore Units (MOU).

“One of the most important activities of the ABS MOU Committee is the development and updating of its standards used in the design, construction and survey of vessels, other marine and offshore structures of Specialized systems,” said Wei Huang, Director of Market Sector, Global Offshores. As new technology is introduced and new challenges emerge, it is critical that ABS Rules and Guides reflect the changing needs and expectations of the offshore industry as well as the required safety measures. MOU Committee members are a vital part of that process, so their knowledge and experience are invaluable.

Jan will be part of the team which is made up of members from all over the world along with a group of ABS professionals. Each member is invited to participate based on their experience and expertise [in the global offshore industry].

At their annual meeting in March 2023, the MOU Committee reviewed the proposed Rule changes for the ABS Rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and was introduced to the consolidated the Rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Units. During the meeting, ABS presented the work being done on offshore cyber security and discussed the ABS LRFD-Based Classification Criteria for Offshore Structure, which is currently under development.

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