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CIMAC Publishes Crucial Guidance on the New ISO 8217 Standard for Marine Fuels Specifications

The CIMAC Fuels Working Group has issued a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a comprehensive guideline concerning the newly updated ISO standard on marine fuels specifications (ISO 8217:2024). These documents are designed to assist shipowners and operators in the safe utilization of biofuels containing Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME), in conjunction with the latest ISO 8217 standard. This new edition supersedes and replaces the previous ISO 8217:2017 version.

Key Updates in ISO 8217:2024

Released in May 2024, the seventh edition of ISO 8217 introduces substantial updates and enhancements to marine fuel specifications. These modifications are aligned with the most recent advancements in fuel formulations, testing methodologies, and operational experiences. The primary objective is to ensure that the standards remain pertinent to current market conditions and evolving technological developments. The revised specifications aim to:

  • Ensure marine fuels meet requisite quality and performance benchmarks.
  • Mitigate the risk of operational disruptions.

A notable change in the new standard is the allowance for the incorporation of up to 100% FAME in marine fuels. This adjustment is particularly significant given the increasing adoption of biofuels within the maritime sector.

Detailed Insights and Implementation Guidance

The CIMAC publications provide industry stakeholders with detailed analyses of the changes and their broader implications. The FAQ document offers foundational insights and rationales behind the modifications from the former ISO 8217:2017 edition. Concurrently, the guideline furnishes practical advice for shipowners and operators on complying with the new standards, especially regarding the safe use of biofuels.

Accessing CIMAC Documents

For further details and to review the CIMAC guidelines, access the below PDF documents at

  • CIMAC Guideline for Shipowners and Operators on Marine Fuels Containing FAME
  • CIMAC ISO 8217:2024 FAQ
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