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Alternative Fuels: Finding the right balance

Richard Mueller CEO / President of NETSCo addresses the technical challenges of finding the right balance for emissions-friendly fuels in a two-part article for the Great Lakes Seaway Review magazine. The following are excerpts from, “Alternative Fuels: Finding the right fit.

“The use of alternative fuels, and the need for them, has arguably been around for more than a century…

And today, as we look for new ways to make drastic reductions in Sox, NOx, particulate matter and greenhouse gases, alternative fuels are back in the limelight.

There is a long list of fuels with the capability of being used in ships. Fuels like Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Biodiesel, Methanol, Ammonia, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), electricity, Hydrogen, various synthetic fuels and even nuclear fuel are just some that have, to one degree or another, captured the imagination of engine manufacturers and designers alike.

All over the globe, research and development projects are underway at every major engine manufacturer. The race is on to find an alternative fuel solution to allow shipowners to comply with more stringent emissions regulations…”

To read the entire article go to alternative-fuels-rich-mueller

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