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NETSCo Announces Winners of the 2021 SNAME Student Design Competition

NETSCo is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 SNAME Student Design Competition held recently during the SNAME Maritime Convention in Providence, RI. Many interesting designs were created by over 150 college and high school students from around the world. Congratulations to our winning teams!

Winners of the SNAME Student Design Contest First Place Team 10: Saheth Edupugant; Tamarakro Moni; Isaac Willis; Keegan Findling; Jason Burg; Steven Bradshaw; Johia Gult; Brian Axelsen

Second Place Winners in the SNAME Student Design ContestSecond Place Team 5: Sela Fitzgerald; Claire Doherty; Gabija Karosas; Peter White; Koby Khoo

3rd place winners of the SNAME Student Design Contest

Third Place Team 8: Dimitri Dikos; Evan Headley; Daniel Kerner; Kyle Hunihan; Bill Anderson; Julia Reed

The Competition was organized by the SNAME Student Steering Committee (SSC), and sponsored by NETSCo Naval Architect and Maritime Engineering. It was created to keep students both engaged and entertained while solving a maritime design/build challenge using strict guidelines. With less than two hours to design and construct working models, the teams created vessels to compete in timed runs and were also scored based upon several other criteria.

For the past 12 years NETSCo has sponsored the Student Design Competition with the mindset and goal of showcasing students from around the globe the opportunities available in maritime engineering while exchanging ideas and collaborating together to solve the challenge.

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