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Maritime Cyprus Addresses Important Issues to Consider on Sulfur Emissions

Maritime Cyprus released an article looking at many of the important issues associated with sulfur emission compliance in 2019. In summary the article raises concern of the potential issues arising in consequence. The first requires the installation of an exhaust gas cleaning system or scrubber.

 Other potential issues include: Bunker quality disputes; compatibility issues with main engines and other machinery; and, changeover procedures.

 While it is not possible to anticipate every issue that may arise or provide other than general pointers since much will depend on the precise terms of existing contracts, shipowners may wish to give consideration to the following.

  • Does the building contract address responsibility for/ consequences of delay in delivery or installation of the scrubber?
  • What is the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty? Is it transferrable?
  • What level of customer support is available?

Time charters extending beyond 2019 have many issues to consider. The effects of compliance involves careful thought and review . . . to read the entire article, go to

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