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SNAME Student Design Competition Photo Gallery of Phase I: Shipbuilding

The annual Student Design [engineering] Competition, held at SNAME’s 2018 Maritime Convention, included more than 150 engineering students from Universities across the United States. The goal of each student team was to design and construct a sailboat (single hull, catamaran, trimaran) that fulfills design specifications and using only the materials provided: cardboard; empty soda cans; duct tape; pipe cleaners; rubber bands; balloons; popsicle sticks; and, aluminum foil.

This competition, sponsored each year by NETSCo Naval Architect and Marine Engineering company, allows SNAME students to network and collaborate with their peers from different universities by working together on the design and build of the boat. At the conclusion of the day, with a crowd of conference delegates cheering them on, the students challenge their peers to a review of the design by expert judges and a timed sailboat race.

Photo Gallery Phase I: Shipbuilding.

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