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Advisory Reminder to Ocean-Going Vessels Visiting California Ports

Under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ocean-Going Vessel (OGV) Fuel Regulation requires vessels to use cleaner, low sulfur marine distillate fuel in vessel main engines, auxiliary engines, and boilers.

The CARB OGV Fuel Regulation requires the use of marine distillate grade fuel (marine gas oil or marine diesel oil) with a maximum sulfur level of 0.1% while operating auxiliary diesel and diesel-electric engines, main propulsion diesel engines, and auxiliary boilers on ocean-going vessels within Regulated California Waters (all waters within 24 nautical miles of the California baseline).

The regulation does not allow compliance via scrubbers. Only the low sulfur distillate grades of fuel can be used to comply with the CARB OGV Fuel Regulation. There is no prohibition on scrubber operation under the CARB OGV Fuel Regulation. However, scrubbers cannot be used in lieu of distillate compliant fuel.

To read more about the provisions in the ECA Regulation and how they compare to the CARB OGV Fuel Regulation click here.

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