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Canada Works with IMO for the Protection of the Arctic

Transport Canada has conducted a domestic impact assessment of the proposed heavy fuel oil ban in the Arctic, based on the methodology agreed upon at an IMO committee meeting in February 2019. The impact assessment is available on the Let’s talk marine fuel in the Arctic webpage.

TC is looking to find ways to reduce the environmental impacts of increased marine shipping in the North. Balancing environmental needs and economic impacts are a priority for the Government of Canada.

Today, the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced the Government of Canada’s support for a ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters. Click here to read the entire statement.

About NETSCo

The NETSCo team is environmentally responsible, providing solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of ships in our oceans, lakes and coastal areas.

Our compliance engineers meet regularly with governing agencies, that include environmental groups, ports and state agencies. We actively participate and serve on environmental committees with a number of regulatory bodies that include: The United States Coast Guard; ASTM; and, the American Bureau of Shipping. We provide the most up-to-date information to our clients.

Our team provides energy audits to review the total use of and make energy efficiency assessments for ships. NETSCo can also perform an onboard assessment of the current vessel performance or create an environmental impact report for your ship or fleet. We can assist your company with retrofitting outdated equipment and implementing new on board environmental solutions with your ship’s operations.

Contact: Rich Mueller CEO/President or Jan Flores, Vice President for more information.

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