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Industry businesses continue to press through COVID-19 challenges

Read the article Unknowns authored by Richard Mueller, NETSCo CEO / President. The article was printed in the October issue of the Great Lakes Seaway Review magazine. Below is a summary:

“… The course ahead to get us through the COVID crisis seems anything but clearly defined.

It’s always about the people.  …The marine industry is particularly a person-to-person business. In so many of our business relationships, whether we are buying or selling products or services, moving cargo from the mine to the mill or regulating commerce. COVID has made it impossible to continue our historically person-to-person business. While the long-term effects of a lengthy pandemic are yet to be measured, in the end, it is the person-to-person relationships that are missed the most.

It’s about establishing new measuring sticks. Despite radical changes to the way we operate, and the new “normal,” our business culture is still focused on how we measure success during these times. …In many cases, the metric of success is simple: survival!

…those in the maritime business should consider ourselves fortunate. While this might not be true across the board, the maritime industry, at least from where I sit has not been hit nearly as hard as other segments of the economy. As an “essential” part of keeping the world from grinding completely to a halt, the maritime industry has done what it does well – despite the storms.”

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Richard Mueller

Richard A. Mueller has more than three and a half decades as an C-level executive, project manager, consultant. As founder of NETSCo, Inc., in 1984, his experience includes overall corporate management, project management as an owner’s representative in oversight or hands-on positions. Richard also has extensive experience in vessel operations, manning, personnel, traffic and dispatch issues as well as providing repair and maintenance oversight.  In addition, Richard has experience in crisis management experience: including vessel groundings, major mechanical casualties, on-scene investigations, oil spills, etc. Richard is also one of the founders of Choice Ballast Solutions, a consulting and advisory services firm with a specific focus on compliance with ballast water management (BWM) requirements. 

Richard has been a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) for over 39 years and has held various elected positions including four [4] terms as Chairman for the Great Lakes/Great Rivers Section, V.P. of Planning/Public Policy and he currently serves as the Functional VP of Membership, and serves on the Council and the Executive Committee. He is a longstanding member of the U.S. Propeller Club in Cleveland, OH and Tampa, FL. Richard is also an elected Member of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and serves on the ABS Great Lakes Members Committee.  Contact Richard Mueller at

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