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Inconsistent Environmental Regulations Create Murky Waters for Great Lakes Shipping

Read the latest article in the Great Lakes / Seaway Review co-written by Richard Mueller, President/CEO of NETSCo, Inc. and Debra DiCianna, Senior Compliance Engineer, Choice Ballast Solutions on Freshwater Value: Inconsistent environmental regulations create murky waters for Great Lakes shipping.

Excerpt: “Although the Great Lakes are of an enormous scale, they are extremely sensitive to pollutants… that enter the Lakes, whether from Canadian or United States waters. These pollutants include toxic chemicals from industrial facilities, nutrients from farm fertilizers, and waste from cities, invasive species and habitat degradation caused by increased human interaction with the Lakes, both recreational and commercial.”

Environmental compliance within the Great Lakes has always been a complicated scenario.”

[With expanded ballast water management requirements in Canada and the U.S.] “ships and shipowners must navigate through a plethora of Canadian and U.S. federal regulations.” Read the entire article at

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